Finding a Church

Finding a good church to get plugged in to and a place that encourages growth on your spiritual journey is so key. In my experiences it can be pretty difficult to find a place. Personally for me since I’m a little more charismatic and expect things which makes it a little tougher. Thinking about this recently came to my mind because I’m soon unfortunately going to have to go through this process again.  I’ll be headed back to Cleveland and I know a few places back there but not sure really where I’m going to go for church.

It took me awhile in Kalamazoo to finally find a place that I honestly can say has been so awesome for me and I feel right at home there. Toward the end of my college days I began to a place that was very similar but left before I got really involved since I graduated and moved away.

Continuing on this journey and finding people along the way who can help you and you can help to grow closer to God is vital. It talks in the Bible about the importance of community and it’s affect on development and growth (James 5:16, Proverbs 27:17, Hebrews 10:24-25). I was at a house church in Cincy last week and we had a really great discussion about community and how having people around you to encourage and equip each other only helps our faith and our relationship with God.

Finding a place that fits what your looking for can be difficult, me personally I value prayer, community, anointed worship, solid teacher and freedom for movement of Holy Spirit. I have been to some really great places and don’t want to bash them but at some places there was like no prayer and I’d pray over people and it surprised people that I’d do that ha. I’ve found it hard since I want to see revival breakout, see people get healed and truly experience Him. Not everyone wants that you know, lot of environments are cool with the way things are and it challenges me and its hard for me to be in those places.

We each have our own things we are looking for in a church and we shouldn’t settle you know. Just like finding a spouse lol ha we can settle and be okay with it but why do that when we can find the right one.

We shouldn’t feel stuck at a church that isn’t meeting what we are looking for in a church. For a short season I felt stuck somewhere and it was a time where I needed solid community and encouragement and I was struggling with things and had to face them on my own. It was tough but you know the Lord provides and moved in other ways during that season.

A friend of mine from Toledo told me once that if you find a place that has the glory and passionate community to cherish it and if it takes you an hour to drive there it’s worth it. In my case not sure I will want to drive 5 hours to Kzoo and back every Sunday lol ha would love to but until we get the technology to teleport not sure I’ll be able to do that haha.

Yeah that’s really all I had just the importance of finding a solid church home where you can continue to grow, be equipped, be encouraged and be sent out to expand the Kingdom. It may look different to each one of us you know but having that place where you can be loved, be poured into, pour out and grow just is so important. It’s hard to go on this journey alone. Love you all.




This whole year has been well umm something. I didn’t really know what to expect moving to Kalamazoo. I was excited but also honestly a little upset I wasn’t going to Australia. I Have been questioning for quite some time why I am here and what was the purpose of me being here this year. Because I found out pretty early in my internship that this career wasn’t for me. Months and months of prayer I think the revelation of why I am here has started to come to me.

If I would have gone to Australia, I would have had great community surrounding me, would have had solid growth spiritually and experienced some incredible things and memories. Honestly, that would have been the easy route…God doesn’t always give us the easy route. This route has been challenging and I feel it has prepared me more for my life 10+ years down the road. I still have been able to grow, experience some cool things and be surrounded by some wonderful people, just have had to work harder at those things. I wanted to contend for revival in Australia and everywhere else we were gonna go ya know, see people get touched and healed by God and like we need revivalists here in America too. I was like a firecracker that wanted to explode, I wanted to go to the nations and see people experience God. Like I said earlier going to Australia would have been easy, I would probably have seen those things but being here has been more challenging with seeing these things but so awesome when they do.

For instance, last week I was disciplining this kid at this coffee shop and like we finished and he left but I felt like I was supposed to tell the worker there a word. So I told her it and she started shaking and crying. The Lord really touched her and He kept telling me stuff while I was praying over her and it all made sense to her PTL. Was so awesome man, we had a great conversation about things she was going through and dreams that she had abandoned that the Lord wanted her to step back in. It was just so good, I haven’t been back to that shop but hope she’s working next time I go to see how things are going with her trying to figure things out. He is good amen ha!

A word I heard about the season of pruning at KHOP back on my birthday has really been a perfect representation of what I’ve been through this year. God will put us in these seasons to test us, He does that you know.

James 1:2-4 (The Passion Translation…I’ve been diggin this version lately lol)

My fellow believers, when it seems as though you are facing nothing but difficulties see it as an invaluable opportunity to experience the greatest joy that you can! For you know that when your faith is tested it stirs up power within you to endure all things. And then as your endurance grows even stronger it will release perfection into every part of your being until there is nothing missing and nothing lacking.

He trusts us enough to put us in these tough test because He knows we are going to rely on Him even more and our faith will increase during these times. It is a time of growing closer to Him and a time of growth for time beyond the present. I’m someone who isn’t good at test or likes them or studies for them but I want to “study”and ace these tests.

John 15: 1-4 (TPT)

I am a true sprouting vine, and the farmer who tends the vine is my Father. He cares for the branches connected to me by lifting and propping up the fruitless branches and pruning every fruitful branch to yield a greater harvest. The words I have spoken over you have already cleansed you. So you must remain in life-union with me, for I remain in life-union with you. For as a branch severed from the vine will not bear fruit, so your life will be fruitless unless you live your life intimately joined to mine.

Most of the things that I have been in prayer about have been things that are going to make me better for those further in the future times. You know shaping me into a better Godly man that seeks Him first, be obedient, leading others, love those that surround me and all that good stuff. I’ve been growing in ways I wouldn’t have been able to if I was in Australia. Like being more of an “adult” with finances and just how I’m livin. Learning how to adapt to new areas and new places.

There has been times that it’s been rougher than others like I was down a few weeks ago but His joy filled me up through worshiping and hangin with my good friend Jason. Since then things have been solid….PTL.

So I have felt strongly about just moving to Dallas, Tampa or Miami and kind of putting myself in a place where I’ll enjoy living and just figure things out from there. I know not the best strategy to wing it, but just starting to make moves I hope will start to lead to open doors and being able to start enjoying whatever it may be. Then I may go back to school to be a teacher (pretty much so I could coach baseball) but not sure I really want to do that at this time so I don’t know we’ll see. My crepe shop is always an option, my business plan is done besides some editing to it ha.

My lease ends at the end of July so I’ve got a few months left in Kalamazoo. It’s gonna be interesting for sure, I guess I’ll just have to wait to see how things are gonna turn out…

“His praise endures forever, what that means is when we praise that activity will endure. Your circumstance your feelings whatever your going through that won’t endure but His praise will endure. What gets us through today is tapping into those eternal realities that He endures forever.” – Michael Miller



I needed a remedy from the stress I’ve had lately so I was planning to surf Lake Michigan a few weeks ago in the mild 1 degree temperature but mother nature had other plans ha. Little did I know the shore line at St. Joseph’s Beach Park was frozen so that kinda put a damper on things a bit. Knowing that the water may be frozen I brought my cameras just in case to take some pictures to not totally waste my drive there.

Despite the consistent wind gusts and my hands being numb, I began to notice the beauty that I was seeing while I was walking along the beach/lighthouse path. Weird I know, me finding beauty in the winter time in Michigan haha. Seriously though, something about seeing icicles overtake the lighthouse and pretty much everything was really beautiful. As I got to the end of the pier I looked out and felt like I was watching the beginning of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back where they look out and its just all frozen tundra. A pure beautiful white color was everywhere around me, then a peacefulness came over me and for a moment I was perfectly fine with snow. Then a sec later a gnarly wind gust blew and I was like Lord get me to somewhere with palm trees ASAP ha.

I’ve had so many things going on in my head lately and being able to kind of be still and just see the beauty of nature was refreshing. On my trek back to Kzoo and throughout the rest of the day I began to think of the beauty of God. Honestly, you know I’ve heard about it all the time and I’ll say it but rarely do I sit in that and let that pierce my heart. I’ve been going through the book of Revelation and like it says in Rev. 1:17 John couldn’t even stand before the Lord when he saw Him. Shoot…its so hard to image that in our own minds that just His appearance alone blew him away. Talk about awe, beauty and majesty.

Also like knowing His beauty makes me want to seek Him more and make myself spotless and holy before Him. Feel like every man wants to “out-kick his coverage” if you know what I mean and like we are messy/dirty yet God still wants to love us. We are out-kicking our coverage for sure…we don’t deserve it but that yes in our hearts makes us worthy to be loved by Him even though it may not feel like we are. He is beautiful like dang…how lucky are we to know Him. That Phil Wickham song You’re Beautiful ahhh sums it up…someone call a catcher cause I’m bout to fall hahaha. When you encounter Him and see Him rightly as He is, it’s like you forget everything else that is going on. You see His beauty and realize that this relationship is worth it. I can remember this time I was at Ember in Toledo and got whacked by Holy Spirit and like ever since that day I can’t deny his power, his beauty or his love.

I was in the throne zone for not really sure how long right before I started writing this. I was going through several things during this time but the thing that kept coming up was about being spotless before a beautiful God and hearing Him say well done, my good and faithful servant. Then this led me to think of being the best, holy, righteous, loving Godly man I can be for my beautiful wife whenever I get married.  That wrecks me man, just thinking about being a loving father for whenever I have kids ahh dang. Like showing them their heavenly father and leading my family closer to Him just is something I don’t want to take lightly. Daily in the prayer room about those things.

To end, I love the beauty of nature…our heavenly poppa is a wonderful creator and architect.

Psalm 27:4 

One thing I ask from the Lord,
    this only do I seek:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
    all the days of my life,
to gaze on the beauty of the Lord
    and to seek him in his temple.


Man I miss the community at Ember…some awesome times of encounter and growth. Always bringing the fire ha!

Another Year Gone

How could it be that I’ve already been out of college for a year (still wonder how I graduated lol ha)? This year has been crazy…defiently the year of transition. Transitioning to “real” life, a new state, a new city, new friends, new job and new challenges. Overall though I think I have been able to adjust quite well to all these new changes. Was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be when I left the oasis/hidden gem  that is Bowling Green, Ohio.

This past year has truly tested me in a bunch of ways that I’m glad I have gone through. With the biggest test (don’t want to go to in-depth for personal reasons) being my whole situation with not doing a DTS with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) really was crazy but glad I had to deal with some of that stuff. Honestly, I still struggle a bit about what if I would have gone anyway. But on the contrary I’ve been able to meet some awesome people and have some cool experience up here in Kalamazoo.

Moving to Kalamazoo has been interesting to say the least ha. I didn’t know anyone moving here, a friend of mine knew someone who lived here but that was about it. Glad I met up with my friend’s friend haha, he’s one of my best friends up here. Through this one church I kind of attend I was able to meet some awesome people that have made my transition to living here a lot easier and better. So thankful for all of them who have welcomed me and what not ha. Like seriously, some awesome men and women that love the Lord and are always fun to be around and cook great meals lol.

I’ve been working at Western Michigan Universities athletic marketing, communication and engagement department and it has been alright. Glad I am here cause I’ve been learning what it’d be like doing this full-time and this has made me realize I don’t see myself doing this long-term. Hate sitting at a desk all day, don’t get to be one on one with people and interact with them and just isn’t for me. Thankful I’ve been able to realize this and try to start figuring out what I really want to do to impact as many people as possible through whatever career path I go with.

By far the best thing I have done this year was coaching freshman baseball back at Aurora HS when I just got out of school. I was trying to organize a summer baseball team through a facility I used to train at but that fell through and luckily the owner knew about an opening at the high school. It was so much fun coaching and hanging out with these high schoolers. They were a very interesting group of kids haha. We had some fun times for sure that I miss a lot, love when they text or Snapchat me. Plus we were G’s on the field think we went 15-3 or 14-4 something like that. Should have been undefeated but whatever, still had a great year. Stoked to see how those kids will grow into better ball players and a little bit more mature men haha. Already seen a few of the kids commit to play college ball which is awesome so I’m really excited for them.

That in-between time from moving back home to moving to Kalamazoo was hard at times. Just readjusting living with my parents and all that but also only having few people around to chill with. Thankfully those people are dope so made it easier ha. During that time I got to explore Cleveland a lot more than I had before. I would skateboard all around the city from Ohio City/West Side Market to Prospect Ave to the bicentennial park near the shore. Then doing prayer walks with a buddy of mine downtown who knew some other cools spots as well and friends from my church downtown  who knew spots as well. Man Cleveland in the summer is wonderful ha.

Had plenty of adventures this year that made great memories. My few trips back to BG to chill with my homies were always great. Then the greatest tradition ever…Jimmy Buffett concert with my friends ha. Going to Chicago solo dolo to see Kid Cudi haha (thanks Callie for being sick lol). Another great summer of softball with Chester (s/o to the champs haha…still waiting for my t-shirt).

To finish…2017 was a rough but good year ha, the times of struggle have shaped me for the better and I know it sucked and some things still linger but getting through these things have/will make me a better Godly man. The Lord is good ya’ll, He loves us so well…He provides when you least suspect it so remain in Him and never loose hope. Excited to see where God will send me in 2018. Love you all…have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.


Psalm 73

23 Nevertheless, I am continually with you;
    you hold my right hand.
24 You guide me with your counsel,
    and afterward you will receive me to glory.
25 Whom have I in heaven but you?
    And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.
26 My flesh and my heart may fail,
    but God is the strength[b] of my heart and my portion forever.

Enjoy The Ride

I feel like I’ve been in this season of waiting for a while now and it recently has been a little more frustrating than usual. I have a bunch of time on my hands because I currently have a job in which I coach baseball for like 3 hours a day from either 2:30-5:30 or 6-8:30, so I have a ton of time to think about a lot of things going on and not going on in my life. Sometimes those thoughts make me worry, stressed, and just give me some bad vibes. When I was going to do YWAM things where going solid since I had a picture of what I was going to do but since things have changed it’s a little more uncertain. The word of staying here that I received has been something I try to remember because there are still good works to be done here for however long I’m going to be here for. But I just want things to pick up because I feel like my life’s boring and I want some adventure or something like that to happen. I was in prayer this morning and really felt the Lord just reminding me to enjoy the ride and enjoy this season of waiting. I mean it is weird in my mind to enjoy a season where not much is going on but thinking about it, I’m not sure when I’ll have this much time to myself again and be able to be this relaxed so enjoying it kind of makes sense knowing that in this time I’m being prepared for this next season. On top of that my job of coaching is a blast I mean I love those few hours a day I get to hang out with high schoolers and help them become better ball players. It’s been awesome to get to know them and for me to give them advice and what have you. As I was reflecting on enjoying the ride I remember back at a conference I went to in Indianapolis one of the speakers spoke about enjoying the journey. Went way back in my journal and found verses Psalm 46:10 and Psalm 37:7 that she referenced about being still before the Lord and waiting patiently knowing He is God and He will provide. Other things that stuck out to me that I’m reading over that are so good is being courageous in uncertainty, believing in the process, and being apart of God’s story, just show up. Hmmm eating those up, decreeing this over myself to find peace in enjoying the ride is something I know will have an effect on how I’m viewing this time of chilling at home and just doing me. Hopefully, something will pop up and things will get rollin but until then just going to do my thing and remember what Jimmy Buffett said,” I’ve got a license, a license to chill.”

Peace and Love

Australia Bound…Mate

Divinely interrupted…this is what comes to mind right now. In the world’s eyes people think that a recent college graduate like myself should be getting a job and starting my career. But with things that have been occurring in my life over the past year or so I haven’t felt called to get right into those things. I’ve been praying for the Lord to just speak to me about what my immediate future may look like. As I began applying for jobs in my major I realized that at this moment I don’t feel like I should be doing that. I felt a call to sacrifice some of my time and give it to the Lord and let Him move within me to love every nation and every tongue. The Lord has divinely interrupted me at this point in my life to separate myself from what the usual thing would be as a typical college graduate. I had a prophetic word given to me back in October (I believe) about stepping outside of the box that people want to put me in and stepping outside of the norm of what people believe I should be doing with my life. And like having freedom and boldness and courage in being different from what the norm is in this “American Dream” concept that we have become so accustomed to.

Anyway to my main point, I applied for a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Byron Bay, Australia. I knew that this was going to be crazy and was going to test me in a bunch of ways since it is crazy and not many people may understand why I choose to apply for it and things of that nature. Cause there is so much going to be on my plate with paying loans back, finding a career, and all that jazz. But I trusted the Lord in this decision that I came with to apply for YWAM. So the dope news is I got accepted for the DTS! Praise the Lord right! But I know this is going to be quite a journey, I need to raise $600 in 2 weeks to hold my spot then on top of that raise even more support for the rest of the time. Raising support is weird and I know this process is going to be a roller coaster but I need to just keep my faith in the Lord to provide financially and really in all ways so that this journey is just seamless and isn’t too difficult. I feel like I’ll need to be like Joel Embiid (NBA reference) and trust the process haha know that it’s going to be challenging but I know the Lord has something awesome in store for me down in Australia and that He’ll get me there. I know crazy stories about God providing financially for people so I know I shouldn’t worry about that. Just super stoked to see what God has in store for me in Australia and just keep praying that everything will fall in order and that He’ll provide for me to get there. If your reading this and want to support me financially in my journey please contact me via Facebook or email ( I would really appreciate it! I could also use the prayers so if you can’t partner with me financially, obviously would love prayer partners as well! And if you know anyone that would be willing to partner with me please share it with them too! Thanks, peace and love.

No more excuses, I am giving my all, I take up my cross and I answer the call, I pick up my feet and I march to Your song, I’m never looking back, whoa, I’m never looking back, whoa
Lindy Cofer (All or Nothing)

Season’s Change

Love how music can express feelings and be so relatable, this song Bet That by Ezzy recently has been a jam that has been relating to me the chorus says, “Everything is changing Everything is switching around Things are rearranging People acting different now But I bet it’s for the better”.  I’ve been so used to doing school for the last 16 years and now that it’s over I’m like well…what’s next. I don’t know what’s next I have idea’s but that’s it, anyway being home waiting to see what’s next for me has been rough. Not just cause I miss BG but the adjustment of living with my parents, not having a schedule really, having limited community, and just uncertainty of what is next for me. It feels just weird to be here and like limiting I guess may be the term I’m looking for. I sense this pressure and heaviness in the atmosphere at home and I just feel weird, like I know I shouldn’t but feel like I’m wearing a mask around certain people. I’m trying to just be me and continue doing my thing even though it’s been hard, so yeah hopefully I can take the mask off completely while I’m here (and anywhere really) for however long that is.

I’ve started reading this book that my friend Heidi gave me by Brad Lomenick called The Catalyst Leader. I’m only a few chapters in and it’s already really good. Something that the book brought up in the 1st chapter was finding your calling. Since I’m still really trying to figure out what I’m going to do now and well the rest of my life, this topic really started hitting home for me. I have given some thought about my calling previously but haven’t given it a whole lot of thought. Before graduating I had the mission field and mind set of the campus and those around me. Now like I can go anywhere, do anything, and since I really don’t know what I want to do, thinking about my calling seems like it will be helpful in figuring out some sort of direction or an idea. The book kind of defines calling in a really solid way I feel, “calling is not necessarily about a title, position, or certain career, but more of a vision and purpose for your life that spans all the seasons of your vocation.” I just love that, I know I feel pressured to find a job, pay back loans, and things of that nature. I know I can limit myself in those fears, the book did this study and they put this quote summarizing some of their findings which totally rings true in my mind, “more than one in three Christians feel a God-nudge inside of them to do something else with their lives, but haven’t found the nerve to pull the trigger.” It then talks about us having fears that hold us back from truly trusting God in the plan He has for us. I know I do this and I try not to let the fear of this world control me because I shouldn’t fear anything but God. If I’m not trusting Him then the relationship I have with Him is going to be affected big time.

I guess the biggest take away I have been thinking about the past few days is exactly what I was talking about my calling. Seeking God’s will in my life just begins with figuring out what keeps me awake, what makes me cry, what wakes me up, what are my passions and gifts, and what am I energized by. Digging into those things will give me a vision of possibilities that I can shape into finding out what I would ENJOY doing and actually being able to have God use me in those places cause He gave me those passions and gifts to glorify Him in those places. Like already I have been analyzing my passions and like helping the youth is something that I enjoy and like I kind of recently started to have this dream of owning a baseball academy to help kids grow in their talents as a ball player but also have that be a mission field to impact those kids lives with Jesus at the same time. I know there are going to be hard conversations in this journey but if I find happiness in taking whatever path no one can bring me down.

“If you are confident in what God has called you to do, you will not be distracted by someone intimidating you”- Bill Johnson


Peace and Love ya’ll