Wild Blue Yonder


Came across this sign driving around where I live and just really liked it. Made me just think of this desire to kind of go rogue for a bit and travel to places over the US and just see what adventure would come of it. I’ve had this desire to drive the east coast for awhile and I like spontaneous adventures so road tripping has always been something I’ve wanted to do. I love baseball and one of my favorite players is Daniel Norris of the Detroit Tigers, a friend of mine told me to check him out few years ago. He’s known for driving around in a 1970’s Volkswagen Van. Homie like surfs in the off-season, has good eye for photography, and is pretty much a G. There’s this video on Youtube where they did a little story about him and I was like shoot I need to road trip and do what pleases me. That sign I saw says “Road ends in water” in my head I’m like A. I love the water so I’m like the road is just beginning in the water. There is great opportunity to adventure in the water, whether that’s on a boat, board, kayak, or whatever. And like there is adventure beyond that road. The second thing I thought of is the thought that we are all on this metaphorical “road/path” of life. We have been told or have a vision of what our lives should resemble if we follow these paths. But like sometimes creating your own path may lead to going off the main route and you might discover things you haven’t before which could lead to some incredible stories, adventures, or opportunities.

In my life people around me have a picture of what I should be doing and have this idea of what things should look like. I’m just like nah I want to do my own thing and like see where things lead. I’m an introvert so I love being on my own and being in nature and just hearing the sounds that it makes brings so much joy to my heart. God created such a magnificent world it’s hard not to want to explore it and see what hidden gems are in the world you know. Like ahh this world is so beautiful man, staying in one place is cool but I want to see what else is out there you know. When I was in college it got boring at times so we would drive around all over northwest Ohio to find cool spots and we found some dope spots to hang out. So like I know if there are places there, there must be cool places all over the US and the world.

My parents like grew up here and are most likely going to stay here all their lives and I just can’t do that, whenever I bring up moving somewhere cool to them they are like yeah good luck with that. Come on man like there is too much in this world to not explore it! We only have a limited time on this Earth so why not go out and see as much of it as we can. Chase after the things that we want to see/do. I mean I started a bucket list a few years ago and have already started crossing some of those things off. I don’t want to look back and regret not doing things or seeing things. Money is so emphasized and unfortunately necessary today to do like anything. Since I just graduated I don’t have a lot and on top of that I have to pay student loans back. I’m constantly reminded about money by my parents and yeah I get it that I need to save to pay that back, pay bills, rent, and save for whatever else could be important. Not sure where I’m going with that but to conclude I just can’t do the typical 9-5 life that so many people do in this country. I want to see different places all over and be able to have cool stories, pictures, and life experiences that will bring me joy. Sometime I’d like to settle down and start a family and what not. But right now I’m not sure what the plans are still, just trying to figure it out and see what’s in the Lord’s plan yaaaa feel me.

Thought I’d share some of my bucket list

  • Visit every MLB ballpark
  • Go to Brazil
  • See volcano
  • Attend Bonnaroo or Firefly Music Festival
  • Long road trip with friends
  • Visit Machu Picchu
  • Go to World Cup game
  • Hike up a mountain
  • Surf in Hawaii
  • Live in Key West, FL for short time
  • Surf with wife (whenever that happens)
  • Meet Jimmy Buffett
  • Talk to celebrity about Jesus
  • Go back to Dominican Republic

Lone Ranger

I’ve had a lot going on in my head lately with just the season of life that I am in and where I am at in my college career. Even though it’s summer I feel a bit overwhelmed with things at this moment. I currently have an internship with a minor league baseball team so whenever they aren’t playing at home I get the day off, but I still feel like I need to actually get a break from that break if you know what I mean. Like just a break or escape from this place ha. I’m an introvert so I love just being isolated and chilling out by myself, so I’m around people a lot even when I’m not working and I just want a break to truly be at a right state of mind and since God is a HUGE part of my life I really just want to connect more intimately with Him. It can be hard to do that at times during the summer when I’m tired from work or am too lazy to get my time in the Word or to pray.

I’ve contemplated what exactly that looks like and really haven’t gotten any great ideas. Until the other day I was kind of clueless on how to approach this. I was leaving work a few days ago and walked passed my favorite player Daniel Norris (He’s a G, bro plays pro baseball, surfs, and is a solid believer) and gave him the classic head nod and sup (I didn’t realize it was him till after I walked past him a few feet later). A few friends of mine told me about him last year because I like surfing, God , and baseball they told me I would dig this dude. So I read some articles about him and instantly became a fan. He relates with this story because in the off-season he drives a 1970s Volkswagen van down the coast and just surfs, lives in the van, isolates himself, and just connects with nature. It made me think of what a great time that would be to just drive solo dolo down to like Key West or something making stops along the way to surf and check out some cool spots and be isolated. Having time to just see God’s creations and to be able to just talk with Him and no one else would truly be incredible. One of the ways I connect with God best is to be in nature and take it all in and thank Him for the beauty He has created. Just imagining this brings a huge smile to my face. Like another thing is like how sweet it sounds that I won’t know anyone so running into new people and meeting people will be really cool and having sweet stories about this adventure will be amazing.

I am (hopefully) graduating in December so timing of this trip is something I’m thinking about like when should I go on this trip. Do I wait till after graduation or go during this summer on an off week. Then financially I’m a college student so hopefully I’ll have enough to make it haha, that shouldn’t matter though I know God can provide crazy things. Honestly, the biggest thing is my car it isn’t in the greatest shape to make this trip so I would probably want to rent a car which can maybe get pricey I don’t know. Maybe my parents could help me out a bit with this but we’ll see ha. They are more on the conservative end of things where I am more on the spontaneous side. We’ll see where this goes, so pretty much that’s the plan road trip solo to warmer vibes, do things I love, and see where the Holy Spirit takes me.


As Always Peace and Love