Well, since you are reading this blog you might as well know me. Aloha…I’m Matt, just a dude from Northeast Ohio. I’m really open about my thoughts and stuff about my life so just an fyi. I’m probably going to cover some major points in my life here so you know some stuff about me. Here it goes….I grew up in a pretty standard house in my opinion. Two loving parents and an older sister, so it was basic. Early on growing up you know it was the typical things that most kids did you know rec sports, play dates (haha), hanging out with my mom and sister while dad worked, family vacations, all that jazz. As I continued to grow up I really got into sports and that pretty much was all I mostly cared about besides family, friends, and such. Sports pretty much like most other people that played sports growing up gave me my friends, memories, and experiences. I played football, basketball, and baseball growing up.

So now it gets a little deeper, I was real tight with my grandpa, him and I would hang out all the time and just be together…it was the life. Part of my love of sports came from him, he drove buses for our school so he would get to drive a lot of the sports teams to their games and I would tag along a lot. That bonding was awesome and I loved being around the teams and watching them play. When I was about 5 though my Grandpa passed away and I took it really hard, honestly today I still feel it. Every time I would pitch during a baseball game when I got older I would always hop over the chalk and point up to him knowing he was watching. Besides that I kept my easy living going without many problems and it was good ya know being young without a care in the world.

Around the 5th/6th grade is when things changed. As I stated earlier most of my friends I met playing sports, well the parents on my basketball team had some argument and disagreement so somehow my dad was on the wrong side of this disagreement and all of the friends I had on the team besides 1 stopped talking to me. I lost a lot of my friends going into middle school, so I had to make friends like all over again. It was rough, being a quieter individual it made things harder. I felt lonely for a while, I never showed it at the time but it was. I gained some friends and it got better, finally in high school those friends started to start talking to me and start hanging out again.

High school was like I don’t even know it just kind of happened, nothing spectacular nothing awful. I’m not a big drinker/party-er so like I never really got into that. Something that was big in our school was weed. I honestly am surprised I made it through high school without smoking it. Cause like literally everyone I knew did. Still on my sports grind I continued playing in high school well basketball only my freshman year and football till my sophomore year. I had an awful concussion that really did a number on me so I stopped playing. Baseball though however is play favorite and played throughout school. Had a lot of great memories with guys I played summer ball with and school ball. Little did some people on my team knew but I had chances to play college ball. I decided however to go to college to get an education.

During my senior Jesus started to enter my life. He had not been there since the days of Vacation Bible School when I was like 8. I started to gain interest in knowing about God and Jesus that year. Not until the summer going into college was when I realized what living as a Christian looked like. A friend of mine invited me to his church’s young adult ministry. They did worship the first night I went and (here comes the Christianese) I totally got rocked ha. God just smacked me and made me realize that I’m a sinner and that I needed to get a relationship with Jesus to get to know him and to understand the questions I had.

I went to college looking for a Christian community to get into. Luckily I was contacted about this organization called Cru. My oh my was I lucky to have gone. Like the people I met were like real with me and not fake haha. In high school it’s tough to find that ha. That first year I gained so much knowledge of what being a Christian looks like and means, also simply learning about God and Jesus. Not being raised a Christian or in the church I did not know much of the Bible or anything religious. It was probably the greatest school year. That summer I got to not only serve God but also continue my baseball career for a bit longer by going to the Dominican Republic and play with a group called Athletes in Action (I made post about this earlier…its a good read ha). That was incredible, coming into my 2nd year of school I just wanted to keep getting to know God and the community around me. Which totally happened I grew a lot from this year and feel like a completely different person from a few years ago.

Side Note….I’m going to school for Sport Management aka business side of sport. It’s an alright major ha I like it though so that helps. Another side note about this year I created a surf club at my school. Yeah I know surfing in Ohio, but it’s fine they gave us 2k to surf in California during spring break…we are kind of a big deal. Yeah I really love the ocean and things of that nature.

We are pretty much caught up, I left out some stuff cause I really do not want to get into my family stuff and the coffee shop I’m at in Perrysburg (Parker Coffee Co. it’s really good ha) is closing soon. So for this current summer I’ve choose to stay and chill at school. The community is a lot better here and going home just feels weird, like I feel like nothing is there for me anymore. It’s been a great decision to stay here away from my parents and away from temptations that home has.

Dios Te Bendiga


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