Lone Ranger

I’ve had a lot going on in my head lately with just the season of life that I am in and where I am at in my college career. Even though it’s summer I feel a bit overwhelmed with things at this moment. I currently have an internship with a minor league baseball team so whenever they aren’t playing at home I get the day off, but I still feel like I need to actually get a break from that break if you know what I mean. Like just a break or escape from this place ha. I’m an introvert so I love just being isolated and chilling out by myself, so I’m around people a lot even when I’m not working and I just want a break to truly be at a right state of mind and since God is a HUGE part of my life I really just want to connect more intimately with Him. It can be hard to do that at times during the summer when I’m tired from work or am too lazy to get my time in the Word or to pray.

I’ve contemplated what exactly that looks like and really haven’t gotten any great ideas. Until the other day I was kind of clueless on how to approach this. I was leaving work a few days ago and walked passed my favorite player Daniel Norris (He’s a G, bro plays pro baseball, surfs, and is a solid believer) and gave him the classic head nod and sup (I didn’t realize it was him till after I walked past him a few feet later). A few friends of mine told me about him last year because I like surfing, God , and baseball they told me I would dig this dude. So I read some articles about him and instantly became a fan. He relates with this story because in the off-season he drives a 1970s Volkswagen van down the coast and just surfs, lives in the van, isolates himself, and just connects with nature. It made me think of what a great time that would be to just drive solo dolo down to like Key West or something making stops along the way to surf and check out some cool spots and be isolated. Having time to just see God’s creations and to be able to just talk with Him and no one else would truly be incredible. One of the ways I connect with God best is to be in nature and take it all in and thank Him for the beauty He has created. Just imagining this brings a huge smile to my face. Like another thing is like how sweet it sounds that I won’t know anyone so running into new people and meeting people will be really cool and having sweet stories about this adventure will be amazing.

I am (hopefully) graduating in December so timing of this trip is something I’m thinking about like when should I go on this trip. Do I wait till after graduation or go during this summer on an off week. Then financially I’m a college student so hopefully I’ll have enough to make it haha, that shouldn’t matter though I know God can provide crazy things. Honestly, the biggest thing is my car it isn’t in the greatest shape to make this trip so I would probably want to rent a car which can maybe get pricey I don’t know. Maybe my parents could help me out a bit with this but we’ll see ha. They are more on the conservative end of things where I am more on the spontaneous side. We’ll see where this goes, so pretty much that’s the plan road trip solo to warmer vibes, do things I love, and see where the Holy Spirit takes me.


As Always Peace and Love


Now is the Time

These songs just have speaking to me a lot lately, if you didn’t know about this awesome event that happened back in early April. It was called Azusa Now, it took place in the Los Angeles Memorial ┬áColiseum, was a whole day spent fasting, praying, and worshiping. I was planning to drive across country with some homies to go but didn’t work out. Anyway they posted some of the worship sets and this one by the Circuit Riders really has been on my mind a lot lately. I literally watch/listen to these songs 3 or 4 times a day ha. The second song played is dope but the first song Take Courage and the last Another Wave have really been speaking to me.

Take Courage lyrically is so awesome and just thinking about some of the things she is singing just gets me super amped up. Some of the lines that really get me are, “Take courage, the harvest is ripe”, “Simple obedience, it changes history”, “We’ll lead this generation to the glory of The Lord”. Then the little spontaneous part in the beginning about now is the time for visitation and salvation. Ahh such an amazing song! So yeah like I was thinking about the song and the lyrics and was like it is our time to take courage and go out into the world and share Jesus’ love and the good news with everyone. The harvest is ripe, like it says in Luke 10:2 “He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Along with that the next lyric about obedience, we just need to listen and obey God and it can change history.If we are bold and courageous about loving people and sharing God with them it can change their whole life! Last part about our generation is dope in my mind, I’ve been hearing a lot about the end times being sooner than we think. So like we are living in the last days, we are running out of time, and if we truly want to see people to know Jesus we need to take action and have courage! Up in Toledo there is action being taken to see a revival in this city, the prayer for 500k in the city has been going on more a few months and I totally believe God is moving there and there is a shift occurring. Even at school in BG for me, this past year was insane! Healings, people knowing Jesus, and things that I haven’t seen while my time here. It’s been awesome to be apart of and I know this is just the beginning!

The second song kind of relates to the last things I was talking about it has this one awesome lyric that sticks with me which is, “Here comes another wave of revival, can you feel the Earth shaking” and then another lyric which is really sweet is, “tsunami’s of revival are crashing on the shore, a movement of the Spirit we’ve never seen before”. Yeah this year I’ve been praying a lot for revival on our campus and just for the United States. I think to myself like we need to pray for these tsunami’s you know, big prayers for our big God. God hears and answers them so why not pray big! Personally, I’ve been praying for all the undergraduates at BG to have heard the Gospel, so that’s 20k nuts but hey God’s done crazier things so like this ain’t nothing. Might not be in my time here but in the years to come this prayer will be answered. Along with what I was saying earlier about how things have changed this year, you can tell a difference and a shift on the campus that is ready to just open the flood gates for Jesus to totally make his way into everyone’s heart. Can’t wait to see God continue to move and reveal things to me which I haven’t known before. So lastly I wanted to say pray big because we have a big God.

Peace and Love