What Just Happened

Last night was one of the craziest nights I’ve ever experienced. Yeah that epic ha. I went to Ember last night and yeah it was solid the whole night, the guest speaking was giving a solid talk on getting rid of addictions and things that are keeping us from God, well things we feel like are, and that we need to let them go and just go to God. So that was really good, but it got so much better. The speaker called everyone to come in front of the stage. He started praying and saying a bunch of stuff and told the band to come up and play Break Every Chain, he joined in and started singing too it was awesome. The Spirit was so prevalent in that moment like everyone was praying and just feeling it.

Then the speaker tells everyone to hold everyone’s hand. He started to do something that I’ve never seen done before…he told one guy to stand behind this one guy and he like said accept the power of God and this guy just fell backwards! Was absolutely KO’d by God’s power! He started doing this for a bit, some people fell down others didn’t. He got back on stage and said that he wasn’t going to be able to bless everyone so hold hands and the power of God was going to flow through our hands. After that he said this which is trippy and awesome. He said someone who had never spoken in tongues before is going to. A back story is that I’ve been praying to be able to do this for about a week now, so yeah ha. Like a minute later I just start to feel a massive tingling sensation go through my body and it started slight but grew and grew. I then like just couldn’t stand anymore and my legs like gave out and I fell down, luckily someone helped me down. Hahaha it was insane! Like a minute later I started saying random stuff and had no idea what I was saying! Was nuts yo! Was crazy that I started speaking in tongues. I layed down for a while, mostly because I couldn’t move haha, but yeah the power of God just hit me so hard! I stood up after a little while and like still was tingly and felt like I was drunk I was stumbling and all. I probably should have waited longer to drive home but I didn’t and I was pretty sketched out driving home ha luckily God was watching out and I made it back. It was an incredible night, I just never felt his presence like that before. God is so real ya’ll like ahhh he is so great and his power is incredible.

Draw near to him and he’ll draw nearer



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