We All Have A Story

Last night a friend of mine told me about this thing called Ember up in Toledo. It sounded awesome so I went with him a few other friends to it. It is a ministry that really has some cool stuff going on they have an incredible energy that just gets you super stoked. So yeah it was an awesome night and now I’ll get back to the main point I wanted to write about it.

We came in a bit late so the worship had already started and like that moment I felt The Spirit’s presence in the room. The energy and happiness in that room was off the chart! Side note, I love making jokes about drugs and relating it to the Holy Spirit haha anyway there was a fire outside from a grill and my friend and I made a joke that everyone was hitting the Spirit hard cause there was a lot of smoke ha. Ok now, yeah the worship was awesome and that was just the start of the night.

It was a special night there because they had two guys share their stories. Both of these guys Jay and Dave literally had been from hell and back. Jay joined a gang when he was around the age of 10! That was like the start of it for him, he was doing that stuff then got into a wicked accident in which he flew like 50 feet and went into a comma for a day and miraculously came out of it against all the doctors opinions! He was in and out of juvenile hall and was still out with the wrong crowd. Later he was shot trying to confront someone who just stole his cousin’s car and they shot him 3 times. He was saying that he felt his body going cold and thought that death was near. Luckily somehow he was saved by the doctors, who told him that he’d probably walk with a gimp for the rest of his life and guess what yo…bro doesn’t he was waling fine the next day ha! PTL ha yeah! Then he started selling drugs and that started some more problems with the law and he went to jail and he said that really made him realize that he needed to stop this life so he would be able to see his kids. He started to go to Bible studies and church services and dudes life just has took a 180. He was baptized at Ember a few months ago and I guess some guy went up to him and told him he wasn’t going to jail and that God’s giving him one last chance and if he doesn’t accept it he would die. Oh yeah he had nightmares of getting shot and this random guy pretty much knew about it..wicked stuff. But yeah he got probation instead of a jail sentence so that like was awesome. I talked to him after and he told me that he is really considering helping troubled youth and addicts. Totally see this guy doing great stuff with that, his passion was incredible if ya’ll could keep him in your prayers.

Second guy, Dave, was such a cool guy talked with him after forward and he plays in a reggae band that does Christian music. Since I love reggae music it was awesome talking to him and hopefully he’s able to come play a show near where I’m going to school. Well he did a lot of drugs and pretty much lived a rock star life since he was in bands most of his life. Was addicted to some bad stuff was in rehab 8 times none of which worked. His childhood was interesting I’m talking about some of it just too much, but his friends since it was the 70’s he said had access to a lot of drugs. So he said they had “after school tryouts” in which they would try whatever they could get. He told us about this time that he came home and these guys where robbing his house and they put a gun to his neck and stole a lot of his possessions and his car. He started to pray he told us and all of sudden he realized what a mess his life was and that he needed to stop so he did…all on his own no rehab. He said God fixed everything he’s been trying to figure out in 20 years in one night ha. He stopped playing in the one band he was in because it was the best for him and he started his new band, like I mentioned earlier, Son Rising. Just another incredible story that shows what God can do.

God uses us all because he loves us all we just have to reach out to him and he’ll be there for us forever. Ironically I’m listening to Forever by Kari Jobe right now ha. Hearing stories of what God has done in people’s lives are always so awesome and they truly show that if we just commit to God he will provide in miraculous ways for us. I struggled with thinking that my story was not “good” enough because I never did crazy drugs, partied hard, or any other thing like that so I didn’t think it could impact anyone. But I gave my story when I was baptized November of my freshman year of college and afterword a woman came up to me and told me that my story was great and that it touched her. So that was awesome to hear and now I’ve realized that no matter where you’ve been and what you’ve done or haven’t your story is great no matter what and you never know if it can impact someone unless you tell it. I encourage anyone who reads this to tell your story to someone.

Now I’m listening to Forever Reign….Love this chorus

I’m running to your arms 
The riches of Your love
Will always be enough
Nothing compares to Your embrace
Light of the world forever reign


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