Taking Action

I recently watched a documentary called “Mission Blue” which talks about the struggle we are facing to save the worlds oceans. I’m going to put the trailer in this because it really is a must watch.

It really hits home for me and it riled up a lot of thoughts in my mind so I thought I’d share them. First off, if you did not know I absolutely love the ocean. Even though I do not (yet) live by it, I grew up listening to Jimmy Buffett and hearing his words of the ocean and sea were implanted into me. So not until I went to college did I really think about caring for the environment and things of that nature (lol). I recycled plastics and such but really did not know the extent of how these can effect the planet. Since I like to surf it made me think about what issues the oceans are having, we all know about the oil spill in the Gulf but honestly that is really the only thing I knew about bad things happening to the ocean. I did not know about coral reef acidification, other pollutants, over fishing, and how bad off shore drilling has really become a big problem in the waters. I’ve been called a hippie a few times because I really don’t like wearing shoes when its nice outside, I love music from the 60s and 70s, I’m really laid back, and I love the outside and such. So I really don’t know why I put that in there I think for the whole part about hippies love to protest about the environment and peace. Yeah the ocean…its an awesome place ha ok back on track.

Seeing what tragic things are happening in our world due to us as a humans polluting the oceans and not properly taking care of them really doesn’t sit well with me. It shows what a selfish type of people we are becoming and we are not thinking about the future of the ocean just the now and we are trying to satisfy our needs right now, we aren’t worried about what will happen when our kids and so are going to deal with in the future. Some big steps need to be made by our Marine Biologists, Oceanographers, surfers, environmental organizations, and who ever else that can play a big role in changing our world for the better. Sylvia Earle, the woman who made Mission Blue, is someone that has changed the game in terms of researching the ocean and figuring out ways to try and help to prevent polluting it and ext. I don’t think I really talked about Mission Blue, besides the movie, because its a really radical organization that is doing BIG things in the industry of protecting the oceans. There mission statement is, “to use all means at your disposal — films, expeditions, the web, new submarines — to create a campaign to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas; Hope Spots large enough to save and restore the blue heart of the planet.” These Hope Spots are areas that they plan on making non fishable waters and areas where oil drilling can’t be done. They already have numerous Hope Spots across the world and continuing to grow. I’m not exactly sure on this stat but I think like about 7% of the worlds oceans are protected. Sylvia’s goal is to have 20% of them protected by 2025ish. That’s a long way to go and serious change needs to happen man. I’m a little but hurt that I live in Ohio and really don’t have access or the money to really help out a bunch. But there are people out there that do, they need to stop caring about themselves and start to care about others by helping out and saving our biggest resource. I could probably go on for a little longer but I think ya’ll get the point. I’m gonna leave with this awesome quote from the documentary from Sylvia, “No ocean…no life, no ocean…no us”.

Peace & Love ya’ll


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