Recently I’ve been thinking about my future and what I want to do and where I want to go. As a kid, like most boys I dreamed to play some type of professional sport, unfortunately that is not going to happen. So once I realized that I’ve thought that I would not be able to work in any industry besides the sporting industry so when I started school last year I went into Sport Management which is like a combo of sports and business. I’m hoping that I can get a job in this field and have a wonderful work career in this industry. Preferably I’d like to work out west like for the LA Dodgers or something like that but honestly I’ve been thinking and I really do not know what I want anymore. Like after going to the Dominican (other post) a lot of things have just changed my outlook on life and what I need to be living for and what is important to me in my life. I guess I’ll like layout what I have original wanted with life then kind of explain things that have changed and what I feel like doing now. I’ve always loved warm weather and the whole tropical vibe, so I have wanted to move to California or like Florida and work for some MLB team there and just make a good amount of money to have a large house and just start a family there, have a few kids and provide a better life for them then what I had. Its pretty basic in my mind, the American dream pretty much (well whatever that even means now). Now like some of that is true but there is just a lot more to it now. Another note is that I love the 60s and the whole peace movement and like the whole counter-culture that took place then. It has always fascinated me since I was younger. I just do not like when people are fighting and stuff like that, I just want world peace, ha seriously though like John Lennon said, “All we are saying is give peace a chance”. That kind of relates because with more time on my hands at college I’ve like dug deeper into the 60s and also with my faith. My faith and my inner hippy have given me an inner peace and love for others that I have not had before. Seeing all the need that there is in the world just has wanted me to give back and have my life mean something. Just the society we live in upsets me so much with all the media, softness, and exaggerations. Everyone gets so offended with every little thing that is said. I’m not going to go deeper in that cause that could cause some other reactions and stuff. So yeah like now I still want to have a family and live somewhere near the ocean, but as for my job and what I’m going to be doing later in life I really do not know. Sure continually pursing Sport Management will be cool and I’ll hopefully like the job that I get but I want something that is fulfilling and something that I enjoy as well. That’s all I really got at the moment I had some other ideas when I started but it’s been a minute since I started and I forgot what those ideas were ha. I guess I’d like to encourage who reads this by saying no matter what people think about your dreams/goals they are yours and not anyone else’s so chase what you feel will make you feel good.


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